I know it seems like we just entered Cuffing Season – the time where single people are most likely to get together or get “cuffed”. Well, now we’re into another season. It’s the breakup season. Yes, that’s right.  It’s called “T-Drop”. In the past, it was the time where college students returned home and broke it off with their high school flame. Well, it’s not just for the young lovers any more.

Recent studies show us older lovers are getting in on the T-Drop act. We are breaking off relationships at record-breaking speed between Thanksgiving and the first week of December!

This is the time that couples are most likely to break things off!  The theory is that trouble has probably been brewing for a while and both men and women start thinking about making relationship changes. They also start worrying about all the time they will likely have to spend together and the money they will have to spend on Christmas gifts, holiday party outfits, New Year’s Eve dates, etc. And they start to figure it might not be worth it. So they break up just after Thanksgiving.

Think about it, this could be your last holiday together. This could be the last time you eat her Granny’s famous mac and cheese. This could be the last time you hear his father call you, “Peaches”. As you sit around the holiday dinner table in a few days, with everyone asking when you’ll tie the knot, he could be considering breaking up with you. She could be thinking about that guy she sees in line at the Starbucks every Tuesday morning.

But the good news is, according to these same statistics, if you can hang in there until somewhere around the 6th of December, you’re pretty much guaranteed to still be together – at least until New Year’s Day!

So what should you do? You can tip light and avoid any kind of arguments with him. You could smile and agree with absolutely everything she says. You might consider hiding under the covers and avoiding all contact for the next 15 days.

But then again, you might want to put on your best outfit and eat as much of that good Thanksgiving dinner you can.  Smile your brightest smile and charm the pants off everyone.

Because in a few weeks you’ll be eating Chunky Monkey ice cream, in your comfy pajamas, singing that old holiday favorite… “What do the Lonely Do At Christmas”!

Happy Thanksgiving!